Joël Robert portrait vector illustration


Joel Robert wins, with remarkable ease, both rounds of the Motocross of Nations, the Belgian team is second behind Great Britain.

Portrait André Malherbe vector illustration


For his entry into Team Honda, André Malherbe will take his first victory in the 500 World Championship, during “his” Grand Prix de Namur. André Malherbe lives a few kilometres from the Citadelle of Namur.

Hackan Carlqvist portrait vector illustration


Hakan Carlqvist is leading the race when he stops for a beer at the Chalet du Monument, which will not prevent him from adding his name to the Belgian Grand Prix list.

Eric Geboers portrait vector illustration


Eric Geboers becomes 500cc World Champion and the first rider to win a World Championship title in all three categories (125 – 250 – 500). He is Mr. 875.


Eric Geboers wins his 5th World Champion title and wins the Grand Prix.

Flowers fall from the sky on the finish line as a celebration of this intense moment.

Joel Smets portrait vector illustration


Joel Smets wins his 4th World Championship title and wins the Grand Prix.
For him too, this will be his only victory at the citadel of Namur.

Stefan Everts portrait vector illustration


Stefan Everts equals Joel Robert’s record of Grand Prix victories. (50).
The one that will soon be called “Stefun” will later take away, five other successes at the citadel.


Stefan Everts wins his 10th World Championship title.

Roger De Coster portrait vector illustration


Roger De Coster is the driver who has won the most Grand Prix at the Citadelle. (7 times following the classification of two rounds)


Pierre Chonquerez
Pierre Chonquerez

A legend or a myth is always built on a solid foundation. In order to obtain this base, you need people who invest body and soul in the development of a project which, in many cases, seems completely crazy at first sight. Since 1936, there have been many people who have led the various motorbike clubs and federations to organise competitions again and again, allowing our sportsmen and women to sublimate their art for the pleasure of the spectators! They must all be thanked and here, following our research, we have been able to list many of them. There must be others, but no one is bound to do the impossible. Our apologies to those who are not listed! We wished to put forward one of them, the one who will represent all of them, because he was one of those who fought the most for the development and the safeguard of the circuit of the Citadel of Namur. Pierre Chonquerez started in the Auto-Moto Club of Namur as a member of the Committee, and then as President for several decades. He also sat in the authorities of the Belgian Motorcycle Federation and the International Motorcycle Federation. One of his main feats of arms is the episode of 1984 when the circuit of Namur was not homologated by the FIM, leading to the cancellation of the Grand Prix that year and its glorious return in 1985.